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What is SN Rock Bolt ?

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SN represents "Store Norfors". The name originates from their first application in Store Norfors in Sweden. An alternative etymology attributes SN to "soil & Nail".

People call rock bolt as SN-Bolt, SN Rock Bolt, SN Anchor, which is used for mining, tunneling and specialized civil engineering. The whole set of SN bolt consists of a thread bar, s plate, a spherical washer  and a nut.


There are three major ways of anchoring the rock bolts: mechanical, grouted, and friction. The most common grout-anchored rock bolt is the fully grouted rebar, a threaded bar made of steel. Cement or resin is used as the grouting agent. A cable bolt is a reinforcing element made of steel wires in the form of a strand or rope; it is installed in the borehole with cement grout.


Super high duty, ultra high strength heat treatment rock bolt/ anchor bolt/ roof support system is an advanced steel products with prime quality and high performance, which can ensure the anchoring effect for complex ground conditions, such as sand and gravel to inconsistent fill, boulders, rubble and weathered rock. Raw materials are hot rolled steel rebars or deformed bars, using inductive heat treating technology (our patent). This product is widely used in tunneling, mining, slope stabilization and foundation support.

Our high duty high strength rock anchor bolt product have higher strength grade than normal hot-rolled rebars( for example, grade MG500,600,700,785,830 Mpa). This advantage of our product can decrease deformation of rocks, control or limit the breakage area in surrounding rock. It's good anti-impact property can resist sudden impact pressure, which can ensure the security of mining operation.


MECHENICAL PROPERTIES                                                                                                                                                 

  Steel Grade Yield Strength Tensile Strength Elongation After Fracture Elongation under Max Force Impact Absorb Energy
Rel/MPa Rm/MPa A/% Agt/% kv2/J
Industrial Standard MG335/MG400 335 500 15   40
MG500 500 700 22   100
Our company Standard 600 600 750 19 9 90
700 700 850 17 7.5 80
785 785 930 16 5.5 60
830 830 1030 15 4.5 50



GENERAL DIMENSION                                                                                                                                                          


Suface Type Nominal DiameterDn/mm Nominal Cross SectionSn/m㎡ Weight per meterg/m Top strength levelMPa
no longitudinal rib
16 201.06 1578 800
no longitudinal rib
18 254.47 1998 800/1080
no longitudinal rib
20 314.16 2466 800
no longitudinal rib
22 380.13 2984 800
no longitudinal rib
25 490.88 3853 800/1080
no longitudinal rib
28 615.75 4834 800
no longitudinal rib
32 804.25 6313 800/1080


PRODUCTION PROCESS                                                                                                                                                        

 1. 600MPa ~ 700MPa

Raw material --- Heat Treatment --- Mechanical Property Test --- Sawing/Cutting --- Reduce diameter --- Screw thread --- Test --- Packaging --- Stock in

2. 335MPa ~ 500MPa

Raw Material --- Reduce diameter --- Screw thread --- Test --- Packaging --- Stock in



  • Coal mining
  • Hard rock mining
  • Civil construction
  • General construction
  • Geotechnical and Shoreline
  • Bridges
  • Dams
  • Infrastructure
  • Tunnels





SAFETY CERTIFICATE OF APPROVAL FOR MINING PRODUCTS                                                                       

 safety certificate of approval for mining products  MSGLW-700 safety certificate of approval for mining products  MSGLW-600 safety certificate of approval for mining products  MSGLW-500 safety certificate of approval for mining products  MSGLW-400 safety certificate of approval for mining products  MSGLW-335


MODEL/TYPE : MSGLW-335/16,18,20,22,25





More information for our certificates, please contact [email protected] Thank you!



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